Leadership with a Proven Track Record

Re-elect Carolyn Simpson

Since her election in 2011, Carolyn Simpson has been dedicated to serving the interests of all students, staff, and community members in the Snoqualmie Valley School District.  Carolyn is fully focused on serving the district’s mission:  preparing ALL students for college, career, and citizenship.  She currently serves as board president and is looking forward to the opening of a brand new, comprehensive high school this fall that will serve students for decades to come.  

Although major enhancements have been made in the district over the last 8 years, there is more work to be done.  Next year the board will have 3 (out of 5) relatively new board members with two years or less experience on the board.  It is important to retain Carolyn for her leadership, track record, and history on the board. 

Carolyn continues to be inspired by her original reasons for running:  improving student options and outcomes, upgrading school board governance and decision making, and enhancing district communications.  She looks forward to continuing to work with the board and administration team in these efforts.

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