Celebrating the newly rebuilt MSHS

On September 7, 2019, our community celebrated the newly rebuilt Mount Si High School. Since the opening, I have had several conversations with students and staff and community members about this beautiful building.

The students I speak with say that the building and the opportunities available to them in their new classrooms makes them feel like the community cares about their education. Indeed, we do. The students say they enjoy being in the different buildings, finding various small group areas to meet with friends, and having choices for lunch gathering places. They say it feels clean, and open, and fresh. They said it is pretty easy to get around, and they are looking forward to the final completion of the new Performing Arts center, expected in late 2020.

A teacher says that when he walks into the building and faces his student, he feels like he needs to up his game. I love that.

I spoke with many MSHS graduates from years ago (even a couple of 80 year olds), and they are so proud of this accomplishment and so excited that we could do this for the community’s youth.

I often hear: “it’s so beautiful inside and out”. And, my answer is always the same: well, we figured that while we were at it, we might as well make it look nice.

I am proud of this work. I was elected as a catalyst for change after five failed bonds. I came in and fought hard, along with others, to bring consensus amongst the board and the community toward the strategic decision to put a bond on the ballot to do this rebuild. It was hard work, good work. Our community has strongly embraced and celebrated this beautiful result which will impact thousands of students and staff for decades to come. It’s good for kids!

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