Tales from the Campaign Trail

I’m having such a great time talking with parents, students, and community members about our schools.  And, I’m getting great exercise, meeting many cats and dogs, and enjoying our beautiful community.

Let me share some “Tales from the Campaign Trail.”

I ran into a group of high school students that were super excited about starting school in the new MSHS building.  When they read my brochure, they were jazzed that one of their very favorite teachers is quoted.  One said “my mom is SO going to vote for you.”  Sweet!

I ran into some boys practicing cricket, and I encouraged them to start a league.  Almost all of the kids I have run into were looking forward to going back to school so that they can regularly see their friends.  Awesome!

But, let’s clear something up.   Two different parents on two separate days had the same concern, so I’ll share it here. They both expressed displeasure that the new MSHS would be opening full.  This seems to be a carryover non-truth from some of those who opposed the bond in 2015.  So, let’s clear this up.  

The new and beautiful MSHS building was built to house up to 2,300 high school students, with an option to expand to 2,400.  This size was developed after multiple meetings with city and county planners as well as demographers. The current 2019/20 budgeted average annual full-time equivalent enrollment for our two high schools combined, MSHS and Two Rivers School, is 1,625 students.  We planned for room to grow, and we have the room to grow. 

Back to the campaign trail, more stories to come….

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