Welcome Back, Teachers and Staff!

On Wednesday, I was honored to speak to about 400 teachers and staff to welcome them to the 2019-20 school year and to join them in a 2 1/2 hour learning experience. There was a fantastic speaker on cognitive engagement of students; what a great start to the new year.

Here is a tidbit of my speech:

“Please know that you are impacting students in ways that you may never know. The manner in which you engage…inspire…and care for…our students is paramount to their success. So we ask you to take a moment each day…and ask yourself – were my students engaged, did I inspire them to learn, did I empower them with the tools to learn, did they feel cared for in my classroom? Ask yourself, did they go home excited to share the highlights of their day with their family at the dinner table? Did they wake up jazzed to come to school the next day because they felt so inspired, empowered, and cared for? The future of 7,000 students is in the hands of those in this room today. Although it is a huge responsibility, our board and administrative team are here to support you – we ask much from you, together we are a team to help you get this vital work done.”

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